AMDEV | About Us
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About Amdev Property Group

We are a company of passionate individuals focused on a shared goal: to realize the potential in property. Our development approach balances financial management with visionary insight into a location’s hidden possibilities. The result is a growing portfolio of property assets that maximizes land value and builds positive change in the urban spaces where our tenants and we live and work. We are a privately held company, working to grow our portfolio aggressively through the acquisition of underdeveloped properties and the development of new areas.

Our philosophy

We have a vision for Toronto-area property development that means we see opportunities others miss — we see a gap and we fill it. The real value of land is in its location. With this understanding as our baseline, we explore real estate opportunities with blinders off, enabling us to create unique projects that sustain long-term value.

Our Work

We have a vision for selecting prospective areas and building on integrity of design. Amdev Property Group works with a team of professionals who share our vision. These are the defining characteristics of every Amdev project. Whether we’re reinventing a classic building or bringing a new design to life, our intention is to make an architectural statement in the neighborhoods where we invest.